Empire Runners First Ever Scavenger Hunt

  • April 15, 2021
  • May 05, 2021
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APRIL 15-30, 2021

Details: This is the first Scavenger Hunt for Empire Runners. You will have 15 days complete the hunt. The dates are April 15-April 30, 2021. You can combine some or all the locations into one run or split it up into different runs/walks. If you split into several different runs or walks, then the minimum per day mileage is 1 mile.

Cost: Free to Empire Runners with a suggested donation to the Student Grant Fund: Every year (even in 2020) Empire Runners give scholarships to graduating seniors. Typically, our biggest event, Kenwood Footrace, generates some of the funding for the Student Grant Fund. $5 of your membership dues is allocated towards this special fund. We boost this fund yearly through raffles, auctions, and our club events. This special event is meant to help replenish this fund so that we can support our high school graduating seniors in 2021.

What you need: You will need a GPS watch, Camera, running shoes and a sense of adventure.


1. Complete the tasks below.

2. Use your gps device to upload your locations.

3. Tell us a story about your adventure.

4. Take a photo of each location.

5. Be respectful of businesses, staff and patrons.

6. Comply to all covid guidelines and wear masks at all times while indoors.

Submit this all using the form here https://forms.gle/RfaM7z1TEToaEQPH9 by May 5, 2021.

The Hunt:

1. Run/Walk Spring Lake/Howarth Park. You can choose which direction and which trails. Needs to have some sort of circle around the lake and a minimum of 1 mile (10 points).

2. Visit Fleet Feet Santa Rosa and take a photo of the new location and include the Fleet Feet logo in the picture (10 points).

3. Visit Heart and Sole and take a photo with a staff member (10 points).

4. Go to Rosa Rock which commemorates the name of our city. Get a pic at the rock (15 points).

5. Find a Peanuts Sculpture around town and snap a pic with you and the statue (15 points).

6. Visit Courthouse Square. Take a picture of you somewhere in the square (10 points).

7. Find a form of art anywhere in Sonoma county and take a picture of this (10 points).

8. Photo in front of a Port-o-potty (10 points).

9. Run/Walk 800 meters as fast as you can down the Prince Greenway Trail. Snap a pic of yourself or something along the Trail (10 points).

10. Learn the middle name of a board member and their favorite place to run (10 points).

11. Photo including flowers either in wild or in a garden (10 points).

12. Photo of the historical Luther Burbank gardens (10 points).

13. Run/walk around a Track-obey all rules and do not enter if track is closed. Take a picture of the track with or without you or a running friend in the shot (10 points).

14. Take a photo In front of a bakery/donut shop (10 points). Bonus: Purchase and eat a pastry then run home (10 points)

15. Run to a SMART Train Station (10 points). Bonus if you get a pic with the train (10 points).

16. Photo of the McDonald Mansion in the historic McDonald neighborhood (be respectful of residents) (10 points).

17. Photo in the Rural Cemetery of a grave that is in the 1800’s (10 points). Bonus: find a grave that has either your first, last or middle name in common or your date of birth (15 points).

18. Take a picture in front of Whoville (15 points).

19. Take a picture in front of a school (10 points).

20. Run around De Turk Round Barn and then snap a pic of the Barn (10 points).

Photos: Photos may be used for Facebook or Instagram. If you prefer for a photo not to be used, please indicate in the results.

Covid Protocols:

-You may run with your family or social bubble. Groups must be less than 12 people.


Awards given to the 3 runners with the most points accumulated between April 15-30.

Ties will be broken based on the stories submitted about the adventure. Winners will be determined by the race director.

$25 Gift Certificates to either Fleet Feet or Heart and Sole.

75 Grand Prix Points to those who run to all 20 locations.


Can’t figure out a location, then email Andrea Guzman, Board of Director/Treasurer and she will provide a hint. Email: Andreatherunner@gmail.com

Have Fun and Enjoy your Adventure!

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