Recognizing and honoring exceptionally outstanding running careers 

Class of 2023

Lon Wiley

Class of 2020-2022

no nominations (COVID-19 Pandemic)

Class of 2019

Larry Meredith

Class of 2018

no nominations

Class of 2017

Tori Meredith

Class of 2016

Danny Aldridge

Steve Cryer

Class of 2015
no nominations

Class of 2014
Brad Zanetti

Class of 2013

no nominations

Class of 2012

Shirley Fee
Jerry Lyman
Jon Hermstad

Class of 2011

Kathy Van Riper
Mike McGuire
Ralph Harms

Class of 2010
Al Tagliaferri
Bob Holland
Jim Ray
Class of 2009
Brendan Hutchinson
Dan Preston
Pamela Horton
Class of 2008
Darryl Beardall
Mort Gray
Carl Jackson


Nominations submitted to the Hall of Fame Committee by October 1 of each year will be considered for induction in the following year. Self nomination is encouraged. The Hall of Fame Committee will present to the Board of Directors at the December Club Meeting a list of up to three candidates for ratification.

Nominees should meet the following minimum requirements:
• 60 years of age or older.
• Empire Runners Club member for 5 years or longer (current membership not required).

• Demonstrated longevity in an outstanding running career.

• Met or bettered in at least one certified track or road running event an age-graded performance standard of 80% ("National Class") based on the most recent age-graded standards published by the World Association of Veteran Athletes.  Verification of times and events may be requested.
Click Here for an easy to use online age grading calculator to determine if a time meets the qualifying standard of 80%.
More information about nominating a candidate to the Hall of Fame can be found on the HALL OF FAME NOMINATION FORM.  Hall of Fame members receive an engraved plaque at the club party at which they are inducted, lifetime club membership and a Hall of Fame yearbook. 


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