New Rules for 2018!


The Empire Runners Club Grand Prix Series is a year-long competition in which club members accumulate points racing in club events or by volunteering to help manage them.  Every Empire Runners Club member is automatically included in the competition and is eligible to win prizes.
PRIZES:  To be determined

To score points in a club event you must be a current Empire Runners Club member in good standing, dues paid for 2018 and your name listed in the club membership database. (Exception:  Resolution Run - a grace period to pay dues extends until January 15.)

To be eligible for prizes you must score points in a minimum of 7 of 13 events (listed below).  Your best scores in up to 10 events will determine your year-end point total.

Unless assisting the event as a volunteer, members must preregister online for each event in order to earn points.

No GP points are allocated for running the Kenwood Footace.  Members can earn GP points for this event only by volunteering to assist race management.


  • For most races: The first place ERC finisher in each gender category receives 100 points, the second 99 points, the third 98 points, et cetera.
  • Events with 2 distances: Ilsanjo, Salmon Creek, Last 10K, and McGuire’s Breakfast Run
    • Each distance is scored separately. For McGuire's, the higher score is counted.
  • Relays: Valley Ford Relay and Riverfront Relay
    • 75 participation points awarded to each club member regardless of team's finish place
  • Track Meets: ERC finishers of the long race (3K, 5K, or 2-mile) or the mile receive 25 participation points for that meet and can score a maximum of 125 points for the entire track series, including volunteer points.  The Track Series (1 to 5 meets) counts as one event.
  • Volunteer Points (for significant assistance, as reported by each race director)
    • 15 points per track meet
    • 75 points for all other events
    • 100 points for race directors, except Track Series directors earn 25 points per meet at which they are present, 125 points max.
    • For 2018, there is no limit to volunteer points.
Age Group Designation
  • Age group is determined by participant’s age on January 1, 2018.
Appeal Period
  • A ten-day appeal period begins after a Grand Prix point standings update is posted.  Point distribution for each event cannot be contested after the appeal period expires. (Report errors promptly!)
Tie Breaker
  • In case of a year-end point total tie, the runner who first crossed the finish line in a club race in 2018 wins.

QUALIFYING RACES (subject to date change or cancellation)
  1. Resolution Run 5K - Jan 1
  2. Valley Ford Relay 4 x 2.75 miles - Feb 18 (75 participation points)
  3. Ilsanjo Classic 10 Miler or Neo-Classic 4 Miler - March 11
  4. Jackrabbit Derby 3-Miler – May 6
  5. Summer Track Series (1 to 5 meets count as 1 event) – June - Aug (25 points each meet, up to 125)
  6. Riverfront Relay (2 x 5K) – June 16 (75 participation points)
  7. Kenwood Footrace (75 volunteer points only) – July 4
  8. Salmon Creek Beach Runs 5 miles or 2 miles – Aug 5
  9. Phil Widener Empire Open 3.4 miles – Aug 25
  10. Annadel Loop 7 miles – Sept 2
  11. Loop de Loop 14 Miler - Nov 4
  12. McGuire’s Breakfast Run 3K and 10K – Nov 25
  13. The Last 10K or Final 2-Mile – Dec 15   

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