2021 “Virtual” Resolution Run

  • December 29, 2020
  • 7:00 AM
  • January 01, 2021
  • 5:00 PM
  • 5K course of your choice


(depends on selected options)

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2021 "Virtual" Resolution Run

DATES: Sunrise 12/29/2020 to Sunset 1/1/2021

TIME: Your choice

DETAILS: Due to the continued problems with COVID-19 we are sorry to say we will not be having the annual Phaby-Gray Resolution Run. In its place as is customary these days we will be having a Virtual event on the 5K course of your choice.

RUN: The official course map is available here (A Place to Play Park on W 3rd St)  | Strava Map | Course Video

Resolution Run Course - A Place to Play Park (PTP)

  • Start/Finish is the green lamp post just West of permanent bathroom/snack shack structure. Head west staying on the asphalt only around the soccer fields.
  • Follow asphalt around fields and veer left at dead-end heading on dirt trail back to concrete through soccer fields, returning to parking lot. Turn right heading back west and at stop sign cross over onto trail heading left around the holding pond.
  • Exit PTP at NW Gate and head East for about a mile; past NE Gate reentry, past Malibu Circle about 200meters, past the 2nd telephone pole past a grate on the right. (hope to have a stake/rock there). Turnaround and head back West to the NE exit re entry gate behind the baseball field.
  • Follow trail behind baseball field to the concrete sidewalk between baseball fields and veer right back onto asphalt parking lot and finish on the asphalt about 150 meters further at the green lamp post west of the Permanent bathroom/snack shack structure.

5K option #1 (can park at PTP): Fulton-Willowside-Halfway Back

  • Start at the gate at Fulton Ave. Head West on the dirt side heading to Willowside gate, passing the holding pond (~1mile), past the horses, past large vineyard.
  • Go through Willowside Gate (~2.1miles) and return heading East back toward Fulton, past the holding pond there is an elevated sign labelled WVR/022.
  • The finish line is about 80 meters past the sign at the last tree on the right of the group of trees starting at the sign. (I hope to have painted a dot on the tree)
5K option #2: Fulton- Past Willowside- Holding Pond
  • Start at Fulton Gate on dirt side heading west past the holding pond(~1mi), past horses, past vineyard, through Willowside Gate(~2.1mi), Carefully cross Willowside.
  • Continue on Dirt Trail for another 0.5 mi and veer right to continue on trail alongside large holding pond for an additional 0.5mi. Look for a large white pole past the shed up on the side of the pond.
  • The finish line is past the large white pole at the first tree on the left.
5K option #3: any other 5K you want.

SUBMIT RESULTS: Record your results and submit here. Please note which course you used and if possible send a screen shot of your GPS (Garmin) result.

RESULTS/AWARDS: Results will be posted. All Club members will get 75 Grand Prix points.

  • No more than 10 people gathering
  • You must be at least 6 feet apart from others unless you are passing.
  • Wear a mask
  • When you have a group, each person should start with few minute delays.
  • You can only run together with a family member or someone you live with.
  • Park only in permitted areas.
  • Obey all park rules and regulations.

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