Empire Runners Summer Challenge

  • August 08, 2020
  • September 06, 2020
  • You choose the course!


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Base fee:
  • free or donation
  • free or donation

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Empire Runners Summer Challenge

3 weekends

  •        August 8/9
  •        August 22/23
  •        September 5/6
Build your own challenge!

Choose from the following distances:

  •        100M
  •        200M
  •        400M
  •        800M
  •      1600M (or 1 Mile)
  •        5000M
         Run one or more of any of these distances each weekend.

         Run on a track, down the street or on a trail – any course you choose.

         Get three of your friends and run a relay using any combination of the above distances – this can be done “virtually” in the sense that each runner can run their leg on a different course and/or at a different time.

Run one or more distances “interval style.”

Mix and match any way you want.

Self-timed and unofficial

Empire Runners members will receive 75 GP Points for each weekend they participate in the Summer Challenge.



Register here, online, just once, by Sept 6 via the Empire Runner website.

Registrants do not need to indicate what event or events they plan to run.

All members of a relay team need to sign up, but there will be no tracking of relay team, names or members by the Empire Runners

Participants will electronically “sign” the waiver
Optional donation to Student Grant Fund



         Email your results to Dale Peterson – sledge26.2@gmail.com



  •    Full Name
  •    Empire Runners Club member? (yes or no)
  •    Age and Gender
  •    Event(s), Time(s) and Date(s) run


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