In addition to Empire Runners Club events, we list races taking place in Sonoma, Mendocino, Lake, Napa, and Marin counties. To have your event listed, please contact onlineservices@empirerunners.org.

Download printable PDF Empire Runners Club 2017 Club Race Schedule

Year: 2017

1January, 2017
Jan 01 Resolution Run 5K (ERC event)
Feb 19 Valley Ford Relay (ERC event) - Team Signup
Feb 19 Valley Ford Relay - Assign me to a team!
Mar 12 Ilsanjo Classic 10-miler, Neo-Classic 4-miler, & 1K Newt Scoot (ERC event)
Mar 18 33rd Annual Whale Run
Apr 01 Coed Master's Mile
Apr 02 Loop de Loop 14-Mile Trail Race (ERC event)
Apr 02 Loop de Loop Do-Si-Do Relay (ERC event)
Apr 02 Loop de Loop Do-Si-Do Relay teammate request
Apr 22 Napa Valley 50K - 20 mile
Apr 23 Calistoga Trail Ramble 10-miler, 10K
Apr 23 Skatespot@Forestville Youth Park Fun Run 5K & 10K
May 07 Jackrabbit Derby & Bunny Hop (ERC event)
May 20 Ancient Redwood Running Festival - 10 miler, 12 hrs, 5 miler, 6 hrs
May 21 Windsor Green Half Marathon, 10K & 5K
Jun 04 Hit the Road Jack
Jun 13 ERC Summer Track Series (Meet 1)
Jun 17 Riverfront River Rat Rambling Relay Rendezvous & bReakfast Revelry - Team Registration (ERC event)
Jun 17 Riverfront Relay teammate request
Jun 27 ERC Summer Track Series (Meet 2)
Jul 04 Kenwood Footrace 10K & 3K (ERC event)
Jul 11 ERC Summer Track Series (Meet 3)
Jul 25 ERC Summer Track Series (Meet 4)
Aug 06 Water to Wine Half Marathon
Aug 06 Salmon Creek Beach Runs (ERC event)
Aug 08 ERC Summer Track Series (Meet 5)
Aug 26 Phil Widener Empire Open (ERC event)
Sep 03 Annadel Loop 7-mile trail race (ERC event)
Oct 07 Sugarloaf Ridge - 50K, 1/2 marathon
Oct 08 Healdsburg Wine Country Half Marathon
Oct 15 Angwyn to Angwish Trail Run - 1/2 marathon, 10K, 4K
Nov 26 McGuire's Breakfast Run (ERC event)
Dec 16 The Last 10K & Final 2-Mile (ERC event)

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